Between The Rivers Gathering

Skills for self-sufficiency!
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Between the Rivers is an annual opportunity to camp for the week with friends in a beautiful valley nestled in the rolling mountains near Chewelah, Washington and learn the skills and arts that our ancestors have used for centuries to meet their needs. Learn ancestral living skills and arts, outdoor & wilderness survival skills, preparedness, and sustainable living!
Quality instruction will be provided by persons knowledgeable in their fields.  Planned class subjects include:
Buckskin Tanning
Wild Foods & Food Preparation
Fire Making and Use
Weapons and Tools
Cordage & Fibers
Working with Wood
Homesteading and pioneering skills
And much more....!
Special programs for children and for teens

Please see the official Between the Rivers Gathering website for up-to-date information
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*This is not a time-period event or reenactment.  While historic clothing and camp gear is appreciated, modern clothing and gear are perfectly acceptable!