Kayak Instructor Introduction

Kiliii Fish
is a man of many talents and divides his time between designing, building and paddling skin-on-frame kayaks, professional photography, and creating and performing music. Kiliii will be helming our August Kayak bulding class in 2014! 
He is the brains and drive behind
Seawolf Kayak, and Kiliii Dreaming Photography and maintains an impactful presence in the Pacific Northwest teaching and participating in Ancestral Skills. From his website, "Traditional ways of living and seeing the world are dying every day. My life is dedicated to living and relearning ways of the indigenous." He is also a board member of the Society of Primitive Technology and frequent teacher at Rabbitstick and Wintercount primitive skills gatherings.  In the Spring of 2012 Kiliii taught the Kayak Building class in Chewelah, WA.

Patrick Farneman has been passionate about boats and water for a loooong time!  He recolects the time
when he was introduced to kayaks when he was a pretty small kid vistiting his grandparents at
Clear Lake, CA.  There was a small kayak at the beach, and Patrick spent the better part of each
day playing in the afternoon rollers in that kayak.  It was hard to keep him away.  As he grew up he
spent time in canoes and kayaks any chance he got, even braving a swim test in 38F degree water
to be able to use the canoes on an alpine lake at a scout camp! 
He was first introduced to skin-on-frame kayaks when his friend, Greg Weis, brought a baidarka to
Rabbitstick Rendezvous (14 years ago?!?).  One look and he was hooked, and had to have a skin-
kayak as soon as he could work it out.  Patrick started studying everything he could get his hands on
that had something to do with kayaks, kayak design, and paddling skills.  He had been a canoe owner
for many years, but since that first exposure skinboats kind of took over.  Several years later, Patrick
traveled to Nehalem, OR and built this greenland kayak replica pictured below with Brian Schulz of
Cape Falcon Kayak.  Instead of providing the cure for the kayak obsession, it only made it worse. 
(Patrick in his 1931 Disko Bay, Greenland replica)
Patrick began to build other kayaks and to learn to design them, and began to hone his paddling skills. 
He looked at boats until his eyes were blurry. He spent long hours talking with friends in the industry about
kayak designs and their incredible variety.  He studied hull design until he was comfortable with design
variations and could visualize water moving across them and how it was affected.  Oddly enough, it
turned out that many things he had learned as a potter making pots, designing, building and firing kilns
applied to boat design.  Fire moves like water; water moves like fire, and to Patrick they seem to be related. 
(In all the things he does, Patrick is a meticulous craftsman - kayaks are no
(in kayaking high fashion with a Steller Kayak, by Kiliii)
Even though he divides his time between tending the farm, blacksmithing & bladesmithing, and traditional hide tanning,
there are few things Patrick finds more rewarding than building and paddling well designed Kayaks.  He is passionate
about it, loves teaching, and would love to share that passion with you.
(paddling on the Columbia with a rough bunch of hombres - Oct 2012 - Patrick is behind the camera)
Come check out the fleet & paddle one for yourself; you just might fall in love, too!