The Steller

Steller Sea Kayak (photos by Kiliii Yu, designer)
Length Overall: 16′ 6″
Waterline Length: 15″6′
Beam (width) Overall: 24″
Waterline Beam: 20.5″ (for a 150lb paddler)

Weight: 8.5 oz Skin (28 lbs)
11 oz Skin (32 lbs)

Target Displacement: 240 lbs
Maximum ‘Safe’ Displacement: 350 lbs
Finished frames are a work of art!
This is a great expedition sea kayak.  Plenty of cargo space, stable,
efficient hull design for speed and tracking, even in challening conditions.
Traditional gear is always encouraged!  Photo of Kiliii Yu, this kayak's designer.
These kayaks are things of beauty on or off the water!