North Columbia Knap-In

Knap-in 2016 - Cancelled

4th Annual
North Columbia Knap-in - October 9th – 11th 2015 
Please plan to join us this October for the Knap-In!  New location just north of the Columbia River at 101 Harter Way.
Kettle Falls, WA 99141.  Signs will be posted by the day before so you can us!  Bring your camping gear, knapping tools, primitive skills activities and your man-powered watercraft for a great time!
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We were paid a special visit in 2013 by Sir Kyle the Hertzian!
Knap-In Agenda

Thursday  Early Set-up


8am                       Breakfast and Beverage

10am                     Slow start & some registration activities for those inclined

10:30                     Knapping

1pm                       Start Community Points

6pm                       Dinner Break

8pm                       Home Grown spontaneous entertainment & after dark knapping


8am                       Breakfast and Beverage

9am (ish)              Knapping

3pm                       Archery &/or Atlatl & Dart blanket shoot (all participants bring a small/reasonable prize for the blanket - details below)

6pm                       Camp Pot Luck Dinner!

8pm                       Home Grown spontaneous entertainment & after dark knapping


8am                       Breakfast and Beverage

9am (ish)              Knapping

11am                     Fund Raiser Raffle

2pm                       Knapping & whatever.

6pm                       Half-hearted packing up.



Kyle Chamberlain & Bridges to the Past will host the 4th annual North Columbia Knap-in this year at 101 Harter Way,
Kettle Falls, WA 99141 (north of the river this year, just off of Hwy 395). The dates are Friday, Oct 9th thru Sunday, Oct 11th.
* This is an outdoor event - come prepared to do everything outdoors with the weather that may come!  There will be a cover over the main knapping area in case of precipitation.
* If desired, Kettle Falls is only a few miles away and has hotels and restaurants.
* This is a loose gathering of flintkappers with a very loose schedule of events. Thursday morning-ish we will gather and go over logistics.  Feel free to just gather and knap, play & whatever you like!  We will have some targets to shoot at for atlatls & darts and bows & arrows.  Bring your primitive toys and feel free to be spontaneous and creative.  Bring your human powered watercraft - the mighty Columbia is not far away.
* We will be knapping outdoors - bring a tarp to catch flakes if you are able.
* in 2012, 13 & 14 we had close to 30 people by the end, and we anticipate about the same size group this year.
Blanket Shoot: a blanket shoot is a fun, semi-competitive event in which all participants bring a prize of an approximate value (usually $20 or under).  All prizes are laid on the blanket for all to see.  Competition proceeds according to the rules of the day as agreed.  Afterward, the winner gets the prize of his choosing from the blanket, 2nd place picks second, and so on until all have picked a prize.  Everyone who participates walks away with a prize - Everybody Wins! Equipment can be your own or borrowed for this event.
Participants are welcome to come a day early and are able to stay until Monday if they wish. The site is a short distance from the historic Kettle Falls Tribal fishery and gathering place, and St. Paul's Mission, and is close to National Park land.
We have been invited to camp on land owned by Kyle Chamberlain - Thanks Kyle for your generosity!!
We have a variety of stone available for all to work, including obsidian from Glass Buttes, and as always folks are welcome to bring their own rock if they would like.
This event is FREE to attend, however donations will be accepted to cover expenses.
We are hoping this is a great event for everyone!
Patrick and Kyle are members of the Puget Sound Knappers.  This event will abide by the PSK Code of Ethics.  See link HERE
Some Details:
Please come prepared to camp fairly self-contained.  As mentioned before, toilets and water will be provided.  Bring your own food, and plan to potluck several (or all) of your meals.  These are congenial get-togethers and meals are a social event.  Saturday night is already a planned potluck - bring a side dish, salad or dessert (or all of the above).  
If you have extra tools, materials, safety equipment, please bring them!  It will also be helpful if you are willing to teach others, even first-timers who may (will) be there.  We will have safety glasses, some tools, bandaids, superglue & such available.
Please: Contact us for planning purposes!  It would be nice to know how many folks to expect :-)
What is a Knap-In??????
A Knap-In is a gathering of flintknappers - people who make arrowheads, spear points, knife blades and such from suitable stone, glass or other material.  There is more offered than just breaking rocks; there are other primitive skills demonstrated and there are often compettitions in various primitive sports such as archery, atl atl & dart, friction fire, etc.  If this sounds like something up your alley, then come and participate, or just drop in during the event and meet the gang! 

2012 Report! (2013 & 2014 happened, too, but never got written up, sorry!)
The first annual North Columbia Knap-In was held the second weekend of October. Being the first year, we were unsure of what to expect and how may folks would join us. As it turned out, we were joined by a host of knappers, many of whom traveled far to attend. (George and Cheryle Bryce came all the way from Livingston, MT!) Many, many thanks to all who came and participated! We were hosted by the Kettle Falls Historical Center, a stones throw from the old St. Paul's Mission & Lake Roosevelt National Park and the traditonal inter-Tribal salmon fishery. We are grateful to the Kettle Falls Historic Center for the use of their land, their hospitality and for the use of their restroom facilities, which made it so we did not have to rent porta-potties! We have been invited back again for next year on the 10th thru the 12th of October.
Our numbers were small at first, but by the end of Saturday we had about 25 knappers, plus the children from the local Waldorf School that came to visit (Friday) and check things out. Since our location is in view of Hwy 395 and we had a sign at the road, we had several drop-in visitors who ended up staying and knapping with us for awhile. One guy was going fishing with his daughter, got frustrated waiting for the bridge crossing(which was under construction) and came to join us. He had never knapped before and got some great hands-on instruction, too good, perhaps. He participated in the 2 inch goat game, and won, took his winnings and left!
There was plenty of rock for all, and plenty of good food & company. Our Friday night potluck was a big success and had a great variety of cuisine, including some moose chili provided by Eric Barnett. Eric bagged the moose a year earlier with primitive archery equipment he had made, including the stone point on the arrow! Nice work, Eric! We also had lots of dutch oven potatoes, thanks to a huge bag of spuds donated by Emil Daily after a gleaning trip the week before. After dinner, accompanied by Kirby Records on the guitar and his homemade Native flutes there was another knapping session that went late into the night.
Between our auction and donations we were able to clear expenses, plus donate $140 back to the Kettle Falls Historic Center for the use of the facilities there. The Museum opened their doors Friday so that our participants could view the collections, which includes many stone artifacts from the North Columbia Basin. Quite a few of our Knap-In participants donated knapped work to the Center's fund raising auction which they held Saturday afternoon. The board of directors at the Center send their sincere thanks for the support!
There were other interests represented at this knap-in, too, mainly in primitive and historic skills. Bridges to the Past, the organizing body of the knap-in, teaches classes in historic skills and brought skin-on-frame kayaks (Kirby brought his, too!), bows, arrows, and AtlAtls and darts. Kirby wore his handmade buckskin clothing , and Kyle demonstrated his skill at friction fire making. The camp and facilities were dominated by canvas tents and shelters which added nicely to the ambience.
Wednesday, before the knap-in officially started Patrick and Kyle snuck away to paddle on the Columbia River in the kayaks. A larger group went for an afternoon paddle on Saturday as well. It was so much fun that we have decided to make the boat trips an integral part of the gathering. For those with interest next year, bring your boats and come float with us!
All in all, the North Columbia Knap-In was a huge success! Thanks again to all who came and joined us, and thanks to those who helped clean up and take down camp Saturday evening! Thanks for traveling near and far to come and support this fledgeling event! Planning is already in the works for 2013 - please plan to join us!
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