Special Thanks

Special Thanks & Gratitude...

As we go through this journey together there are people who touch our lives in many ways. This page is dedicated to publicly giving thanks to those who have offered support to us, and that believe in the dream that is Bridges to the Past.


The Board of Directors:
Patrick, Kamber, Kenny, Laura, and LeAnn
Thanks to:

Tom & Merry - for your continued generosity & enthusiasm! (and for the great new tanning tools)
Hal & Cathy - for your gift & support to start the ball rolling!
Kiliii Fish - for generous support, a King Island Kayak replica, time, hard work & enthusiasm!
Kyle - for your gift in time of need
Rene - for your gift in time of need
Connor - for an entire day of dedicated service
Diane and Larry - for a generous gift in time of need
Stan & Annette - for your gift
Dale & Echoes in Time - for your generous support (we will get you back!)
Rick Tabor - for your contributions & support

Fred & Ann - for your gift in time of need
Sheryl T - for dedicated support & for the grant writing!
Steven Schneider - for believing in us and helping us get the ball rolling in the first place!
Jack Robinson & his great-grandson, Terry Slavin - for some incredible old tools for teaching, and one of the coolest forge blowers I have ever seen!

Steve and Sheryl - for the use of the land for Between the Rivers - it can't happen without a place!

Bruce Trout - for your generous gift of an old forge (the heart of the blacksmith shop!), all the tongs, vise, stock, assorted tools & coal, and for a killer price on one of the nicest blowers I've seen!